What happens when Starfish Properties take on a new home?

22 May

What happens when Starfish Properties take on a new home?

Having a quick turnaround is important to many owners. The sooner it’s listed on multiple platforms, the sooner owners will earn revenue.

There’s no exact science to what makes guests book a holiday let property. Everyone is different. But with our experience, there are things we can do to make it as attractive as possible.

In March, an owner approached us with their property and they wanted a quick turn around that suited their budget.

For most, this would have been a challenge. But the Starfish team turned the property around quickly with no effort from the owner – who was actually in Los Angeles while we set it up. Painting walls, making sure everything was sitting pretty, adding household goods for guests to use, and styling for the photos were all achieved in just a few days.

We know that an inviting bed is one of the most important parts of staying anywhere.

Bedding, cushions and design touches were chosen by the styling team, all of which fitted with the existing furniture in the property. Ironed sheets, neat beds and fluffed pillows are really what makes a bedroom look stunning in photos.

Photos of the property were taken on Thursday afternoon. Our professional photographer made the full potential of the property shine. Images were sent to the team the next day, and the listing was live by Friday evening. By Saturday afternoon, 51 nights had been sold!

Giving potential guests a feel of what it’s like to live in the property is key.

Using enticing words to describe the space grabs the guest’s attention. By using adjectives to highlight its best features, we created a fantastic listing. It’s a two bedroom flat, but using “Stunning Large 2 Bedroom Flat” is far more inviting.

The owner is thrilled that the property has filled dates fast, and is amazed at the results.

With the right team on hand, styling and our expert knowledge of creating an enticing listing, this property is now almost fully booked for the next 6 months.

We can also help you to have a quick turnaround, or we can tailor our services to you.

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