What to do with items left behind by guests?

23 May

What to do with items left behind by guests?

Waste is a huge problem for the environment, and as a team, we try to do all we can to minimise our waste.

We recycle where possible or donate tired furniture to charity. Not wasting food is especially important when there are those in need.

Many of our guests who stay in the properties sometimes leave tins, pasta and other general household items behind. They very kindly ask us to make use of them. We donate these various different items to local food banks.

Items the food banks require are quite often the types of food or toiletries which are left behind. Washing up liquid, pasta, toilet rolls, tinned soup and laundry powder are just some of the donated goods which the food banks are more than happy to receive.

All of us at Starfish Properties continue to recycle and donate to those in need.

If you have any suggestions of worthy charities or recycling points we can add to our list, please do get in touch.

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